Interior Vehicle Detailing

That new car smell starts with Excalibur

We’ve all been down the road before. The one where a couple busy days turn into busy weeks, and then months. Next thing you know, you haven’t had the time to clean out the car, and it’s becoming cluttered and messy. That’s where the team at Excalibur Mobile Detailing comes in. We can revive your vehicle and bring it back to the car you had the day you got it

Our interior detailing process:

We use a variety of interior detailing methods to get your vehicle like new again. Depending on the package or interior cleaning service you choose, we explore a variety of methods. We start with an upholstery steam clean and extraction. This helps remove the deep down dirt that has embedded itself in carpets and seats. We then move onto cleaning the windows, dash and other surfaces. We use a variety of different cleaners that help remove dirt and grease, while also providing protection against UV damage.

OZONE Treatment

Sometimes odours can begin to take over the interior of a vehicle. Due to sitting from mold or mildew, or even smoke smell. We are able to use our ozonator machinery to treat this, which pulls odour causing bacteria from fabrics and other hard to reach places.